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Pregnancy Journey for Chester County Ob/Gyn Associates

For the Mother-to-be
Welcome! If you are newly pregnant you will have many questions about what to expect and how your body will change. What's happening inside your body? The doctors at Chester County ObGyn have developed a program to guide and assist you, week by week, throughout the nine months of your pregnancy.

What You Can Expect?
Every visit will include a weight, blood pressure and urine check for protein or sugar. Your provider will also measure your belly to monitor your baby’s growth. In addition you can expect the following:

Genetic Testing Information
- Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Screening Information
- Genetic Testing

VISIT 1: At 8-10 weeks
You will meet with our nurse educator. She will review your medical history and provide you with materials and books that will be helpful to you during your pregnancy. You will also receive information about several services offered by The Chester County Hospital to help you during your pregnancy. A provider will perform a complete gynecologic exam however it is probably too early to hear a heart beat. You will be given a lab form for your prenatal labs.

VISIT 2: At 12-14 weeks
In addition to checking your weight, blood pressure, urine and measuring your belly, your provider will listen for the baby’s heart beat with a Fetal Doppler. We do not perform ultrasounds in the office. At this visit you will be given instructions to schedule an obstetrical ultrasound for fetal evaluation that should be done at 20-23 weeks of gestation. For optimal visualization of your baby please do not make your appointment until you are at 20 weeks gestation unless you have been instructed to do so by your physician.

SUBSEQUENT VISITS: Every 4 weeks thereafter until your 30th week.

At 15-18 weeks
You will be given the option to have a screening blood test that may indicate any increased risk for open neural tube disorders such as spinal bifida or an increased risk for down’s syndrome. The test is not 100% accurate and is used only as a screening tool.

At 26-28 weeks
You will be given a lab form for a 1 hour Glucola blood test which will screen for gestational diabetes. Occasionally during pregnancy your body may exhibit difficulty metabolizing carbohydrates. If this screening is positive then further testing will be done.

At 35-37 weeks: Visits Increase
At this time your physician will obtain a cervical culture which will check for group B streptococcus. This is a type of bacteria that can be found in up to 40% of pregnant women. If this test is positive, you will be treated with antibiotics during your labor. We do encourage our mothers to breast feed. This is a good time to get information and ask questions about breast feeding should you have any concerns. Visits may increase between 30-35 weeks for some patients.

Click here to view pregnancy FAQs, insurance information, and to print the Pregnancy Journey.

A Guide for Expecting Parents: Maternal/Infant Health Services at the Chester County Hospital
From consideration to Conception to ‘congratulations’, the arrival of a baby is a precious and momentous occasion in the life of your family. Selecting the Chester County Hospital to care for your baby’s introduction to the world is the first step in your life as a parent. When it comes to making important choices about maternity healthcare providers, all parents want to know that, beyond good care, you and your little one will be in good hands. At the Chester County Hospital, we proudly deliver more than 2,600 babies each year.