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Pelvic Pain - Chester County Ob/Gyn Associates

Chronic pelvic pain is one of the most common medical problems of women. Twenty-five percent of women with CPP may spend two to three days in bed each month. More than half of the women with CPP must cut down on their daily activities one or more days a month and 90% have pain with intercourse (sex). Almost half of the women with CPP feel sad or depressed some of the time.

Despite all the suffering CPP causes, often doctors are not able to come up with a diagnosis or treatments to help these women.

CPP is any pelvic pain that last for more than six months. Often, the problem, which originally caused the pain, has lessened are even gone away completely, but the pain continues.

Chester County OB-GYN provides comprehensive treatment options for those suffering from Chronic Pelvic Pain - Download our Chronic Pelvic Pain PDF.