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Women’s Cancer Prevention Center of Chester County

Here at Chester County OB/GYN, we strive to provide you with the most recent up to date services based on evidence based guidelines and national recommendations. One of the services that we are now providing and recommending to all that qualifies is genetic testing for certain inherited cancer syndromes.

In every family, certain traits can be passed on from one generation to the next. Some of these genetic traits are ones that can affect a person’s ability to develop specific diseases such as cancer. Although cancer has many causes, for individuals with a genetic cause there can be an increased risk of developing these cancers. The good news is that if a genetic cause is identified, there are many options that a person has to reduce their risks.

At your appointment we will assess your personal and/or family history of cancer based on a questionnaire we have you complete. This will help us to determine if your history meets one of the “red flags” below.

  1. Breast, colon or endometrial cancer diagnosed before the age of 50.
  2. Ovarian or male breast cancer diagnosed at any age.
  3. 2 or more family members diagnosed with any of the following cancers at any age : breast, uterine, colon, small bowel, kidney, brain, stomach, pancreatic)
  4. Anyone who has had more than 10 colon polyps removed in their lifetime.
  5. Ashkenazi Jewish descent in the presence of breast or ovarian cancer.
  6. A family member with a known genetic mutation associated with hereditary cancer syndrome.

This does NOT mean that you have an inherited cancer syndrome; however we may recommend that you follow up with our Cancer Prevention Coordinator, Susanne. She can discuss your personal and/or family history and provide you with additional information about genetic testing, your personal and family risks and the medical options available based on the test results.

Please call our office at 267-385-9704 to schedule your appointment.

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